Teacher Students

Degree Programs

Diploma of Theology

MBI offers the Diploma of Theology degree. The Dip.Th. degree consists of 120 credit hours. This degree program is designed for those who are willing to serve in the ministry even though they did not receive any degree for particular college.

Bachelor of Theology

MBI offers the Bachelor of Theology degree. The B.Th. degree consists of 160 credits minimum across the areas of General Electives Studies, Bible Core Studies, and Major Core Studies.

Master of Divinity

MBI offers the Master of Divinity degree. As it is a professional degree program, MBI trains young men and women to be outstanding leaders in the church. The MDiv degree consists of 90 credits minimum across the areas of Common Core Studies and Major Core Studies.


Myanmar Bible Institute institutional scholarships are available to most full-time degree-seeking students especially Master of Divinity students. However, scholarship is limited to undergraduate students. Part-time students in their final term are eligible to apply institutional scholarships on a prorated basis. Students enrolled in online undergrad programs are not eligible for institutional aid.

The institutional aid requires applications. Total institutional aid may not exceed annual tuition.

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